Friday, February 28, 2014

BDA's Surprise Pawty

Announcement over PA:


At this time we request that you TURN OFF all ELECTRONIC DEVICES!

We ask that you refrain from taking any FLASH Photos of the speakers and the BDA.

At this time we would like to Introduce the members of the BDA....

Agent 0087R . . . Our lead singer ROXY . . .

Agent 0087 M  . . . Murphy on the guitar . . .

Agent 0087 S . . . Stanley on the keyboard . . . 

Agent 0087 E . . . Ernie on drums . . .

And for the first time EVER . . . BDA's Back up Singers . . . The Rainbow Bridge Choir . . 

Again we Ask that you turn off ALL ELECTRONICS..... We hope that you enjoy the CONCERT and HAVE FUN! The BDA will be available for PAWTOGRAPHS and PHOTOS... immediately after their final song.

CLINK CLINK CLINK CLINK...  May I have your attention???   

   Frankie Furter here... Quiet Down . . .WELCOME Welcome Everyone... WELCOME to the FURST Activity that the Bad Dog Agency (BDA) has put on HERE.

We have gathered today to CELEBRATE a very special Furend... On her Special DAY. 

 Now you all KNOW Taffy don't you? She is Angel TWIX's Sister. And a TRUE DADDY's Girrrrrrl.

Taffy is following in Twix's Paw Steps... She has her dad as tightly under her paw as Angel Twix did. BaaaaaaaWaaaah.

Now we all recall that TWIX could sit on a kitchen chair better than ANYBUDDY in all of Blogville. She OWNED that thingy. Twix could hang 16.. a tail and a nose... and Still SLEEP like a pup with a FULL TUMMY!


SO we are expecting TAFFY to take up the Chair Cushion and demand HER time on the THRONE of "T". BUTT we are hearing that she is holding out until her dad gets her a Royal Robe and a CROWN. BaaaaaaWAAAAAAAAH.

BUTT Seriously folks. We are hear to Celebrate Taffy's Gotcha Day... and the BDA is gonna Kick it off with this SONG fur Taffy...

♫ You say it's your Gotcha Day.♫ Beatles tune

You say it's your Gotcha day
You say it's your Gotcha day
They say it's your Gotcha day
We're gonna have a Good time
I'm glad it's your Gotcha day
Happy Gotcha day to YOU.
Yes we're going to a Party Party
Yes we're going to a Party Party
Yes we're going to a Party Party
I would like to dance--Gotcha Day
Take a cha-cha-cha-chance- Gotcha Day
I would like you to dance - - Gotcha Day

You say it's your Gotcha day
your Gotcha Day, YEA
You say its your Special Day
We're gonna have a good time
I'm glad it's your Gotcha Day
Happy Gotcha Day to TAFFY.

MURPHY steps up to the MIC....
Friends.... we are now going to do somethingy SPECIAL for Stanley's Girlfurend TAFFY.... The Gotcha Girl.... TAFFY would you please join us on the Stage . . .

 That's Cool... Easy and Goose, we thank you fur Boosting Taffy Up here...You TALL guys come in Handy. 

Come on over here girl... Right up Close to your GUY... Agent 0087S... That's Right...NICE and CLOSE... Agent 0087E... will you give us a Drum Count..????

Taffy and Stanley sing their favorite duet:  Puppy Love

After the lovebirds finish their duet, the band jumps in with a hit from Rod Stewart:

After a few more songs, a couple GOTCHA Day cakes are brought out to the stage for EVERYBODY to share!

Bad Dawg Agency and the Blogville Rainbow Choir


Administration Note:  This blog is for the purpose of raising awareness when fund raising efforts are ongoing to assist a Blogville citizen.  BDA (with assistance of the Rainbow Choir) will pawform charity concerts on an as-needed basis. Please follow our blog.  

If you would like to submit a Rainbow Choir member for inclusion in future posts, please send a high quality photo to cecampbell(at)msnDOTcom.